Project Citizen
Visit this site to see how you can take action in your community and make social studies come alive in your students' lives.
Population Connection
Click here to learn about how our population effects our earth's natural resources and how we can take care of our environment.
Teaching Tolerance
This webstite offers leason plans that show how to accept differences among diverse students.
Who Killed the Electric Car?Learn about the advantages of having an electric car and what the consequences are of high carbon dioxide emissions.
Learning to Give
Teaching the importance of voluntary action for the common good in a democratic society. Lesson plans, lesson plans, and much much more.
Learning in Deed
Learning in Deed aims to make service learning a part of every K-12 student's experience.
School for Ethnical Education
Offers assistance, curriculum material, resources, and professional development for educators interested in service-learning. Also, they run a free program throughout Connecticut which teaches kids how to plan and implement a service project, and provides site visits, technical assistance, and follow-up throughout the year.
Augsburg College (Minneapolis) Service Learning Teacher's Guide
A very helpful service learning guide designed for pre-service teachers.
Free the Children
Want to wipe out child slavery? Want to help poor children in third world countries go to school instead of laboring every day in dangerous, inhumane jobs? Then join this international network of children helping children, founded by (then) twelve year old Craig Kielburger. You'll be amazed at what you can do.
Do Something!
If you want your kids to be passive and docile, don't let them near this website. It'll fill their little heads with ideas about making the world a better place, and empower them to do something about it. Whatever you do, don't click on the "Action Guide."
Good Character
Outstanding website! Great resources to assist teachers with a service learning project!
Start Something
Sponsored by Target and Tiger Woods - Free curriculum and support for service learning and citizenship education in the elementary classroom.
Center for Civic Education
"Project Citizen" and "We the People" materials for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.
Angels in Action
Service learning projects sponsored by Angel Soft.
National Service Resources
Free resources and great ideas! :)


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